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The Garcinia species are evergreen trees and shrubs which are usually dioecious. The fruit is a berry with fleshy endocarp, which in several species is delicious. The fruit Garcinia Cambogia was once just the less popular cousin of a trendy fruit, the Mangosteen. But now, nutritional supplements containing Garcinia Cambogia extract have become the latest trend in nutrition, respected for their appaerent ability to curb appetite and initiating weightloss The Gambooge fruit, also known as the Malabar tamarind, grows across southwest India, Myanmar and Indonesia. It ripens to a red or yellowish fruit about the size of an orange, but more resembling the shape of a pumpkin. Native cultures have long used the dried gambooge rinds for chutneys or curries, and sometimes as medicine, especially for reducing stomach aches. Right around the 1960s, scientists identified a substance in the rind of the fruit called Hydroxycitric Acid, or HCA, which has some potentially attractive qualities in the areas of weightloss as well as diabetes.

Where to Find Garcinia Cambogia?


You might find fresh fruits during a stroll through the your closest market or whole foods shop. Beyond that, it’s not very widely shipped throughout the world. You have better luck finding it in its dried, blackened form, or as a nutritional supplement in health food stores. These fruits are generally green when unripe, and vary in color once ripened as they turn hues of red, orange, yellow and brownish yellow. You can also find Garcinia Cambogia supplements for free all over the internet. Although as all other nutritional supplements care should be taken when purchasing them. Make sure you check weather the seller is is legitimate. you can do this by checking reviews on several sites.

Garcinia Cambogia as a Weightloss Supplement


Recently, there has been a boom in the sales of Garcinia Cambogia Supplements due to its now widely known weighloss properties. Most sellers will let you try out a FREE trial, but you ave to watch out for the legitimacy of their productions as many sellers use cheap Hydrocitric Acids instead of the Real Fruit extract. Just checking review sites is enough to see where to get the quality suplements.

How to Prepare The Fruit


he Garcinia Cambogia have to be prepared just like the Mangosteen fruit, this is because of theeir similar, fleshy properties. Youll want to slice knife only partly through the pliant, yet thick flesh along its ridged lines. This will be enough for you to manually “crack” open the fruit with your hands. The edible fruit will be revealed inside and from there, its fleshy pods can be scooped out easily.

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Jan 1, 2012


A Stanford peer reviewed study officially proves that Garcinia Diminishes Diabetes chances in middle aged women.

Feb 10, 2011


The attention to Garcinia Cambogia is through the roof! Dr. Oz has just talked about it on his show!


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